Watermelon Z – 1 Gram

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  • Sweet
  • Tropical
  • Strawberry
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Indica · THC: 16-17%

Watermelon is an all-around mystery strain created from unknown parents in an anonymous breeder’s garden. It reportedly tastes and smells like sweet tropical fruit with an earthy background. The cultivar also reportedly tests at an average of 17% THC and 3-10% CBD.

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Sweet, Tropical, Strawberry

21 reviews for Watermelon Z – 1 Gram

  1. Darby

    Another one of my go to if I need some quick chill. Good for upping your mood when you need to

  2. Jeanette

    Price is a steal for how good and potent this is. I am definitely getting some more when I run out

  3. Rahsaan

    Intertwining earthy berry tastes with the high it gives a combination that’s dope AsFk. I think Dabwoods came up with this mad high from their Blue Cherry Pie rosin.

  4. Candace

    Can’t really go wrong with this price point. This is can last you a quite a bit so it’s all good

  5. Darlene

    Another one that got me feeling good, and anything that makes me feel good is getting a 5

  6. Faye

    I would invite friends to come over for this specially made creation. They just would love to hang out and chill.

  7. Rupert

    I really wanna dance the galactic boogie whenever I smoke this Galactic Glue rosin from Dabwoods. If I do, I hope no one sees me. Hahahaha.

  8. Candido

    I’m attached to this now! The clean high was what convinced me

  9. Christiana

    Price is a steal for how good and potent this is. I am definitely getting some more when I run out

  10. Yasmine

    I got what I wanted. Great wax all around! Love the how this makes me feel happy!

  11. Maximilian

    Really enjoy the taste on Dolato, all the way to the end the sauce is so frosty and one the best concentrates on the market right now!

  12. Sydni

    I gotta say I enjoyed this one. I think the high for me was one of the best I ever had.

  13. Gloria

    Practically you can have this anywhere and any situation you could possible be in. Just keep it moderately.

  14. Dusty

    When everyone was hyping this vape up I had to try it for myself and compare to all the other vape live resin products I’ve tried this was one of the most disappointing IMO. The taste was good but you can taste plastic probably from the battery its self. It did get me high in 2 or 3 hits but I felt like it wasnt pleasant cause of the taste. Overall 60$ is alot for a half gram that’s not enjoyable theres other brands that have a much better taste and high for the same price or less. Definitely better than stiiizy LR.Muha medshas fire weed so I was really hoping this vape pen was going to as good as their flower but guess not. I will just be sticking to your flower Dabwoods.

  15. Chelsea

    Very relaxing and uplifting, very smooth fade. I felt so incredibly relaxed and content with life and just chilled on my sofa to sleep. Good stuff!

  16. Ewald

    Gives a childlike euphoria and I find myself talking out loud and laughing before heading to bed!

  17. Lorna

    Never a bad timing to run this dabs on my rig! I’ll have this sauce any day, any time!

  18. Magdalena

    I have trained with Orange Sherbet and ran my last 50k with it all the way. Amazing!!!!

  19. Darron

    You need to relax? Well.. you need this then. This does a great job when you want to get relaxed.

  20. Katelyn

    I love the way how lemon creme give me so much energy at work! Keeps me happy and relaxed too!

  21. Otis

    It was perfect!!! And also perfect for bedtime 🌙 i recommend this to everyone!!!

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