moonwalker purps

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Rated as high potency.


DABWOODS has grown from the passion and efforts of Crown Genetics who is widely known in the industry for having premium OG flowers as well as 14 award-winning flower & concentrates in Southern California. With a team of equally passionate professionals, DABWOODS is an experienced organization with roots in the cannabis industry, quality control management, hardware manufacturing, customer experience, and development strategies to ensure our products are always on the leading edge of innovation. With licensed facilities in Southern California, and Northern California, DABWOODS has established state wide quality control and supply chain management standards to ensure consistency and quality. With immediate plans for future expansion to other product line, a new era of cannabis culture is being born.

20 reviews for moonwalker purps

  1. Haven

    Look for strains that are happy and keep my anxiety at bay… this definitely fits the bill!

  2. Carley

    Hits as expected, high was great. Got me relaxed

  3. Leone

    I love the way how lemon creme give me so much energy at work! Keeps me happy and relaxed too!

  4. Ericka

    a perfect time to escape from reality.. 😍😍😍

  5. Francesca

    I hit this I I want to relax but be focused. Perfect if you’re chilling and thinking about life. Great for my Me time.

  6. Philip

    These sure are gas concentrates from Muha meds! Herbal sweet highs coming from these Galactic Gas rosins.

  7. Margarete

    This was good not excellent not shitty just good. Taste was good and strength of the medicine was good.

  8. Shirley

    Galactic gas is intensely satisfying. Cop this if available

  9. Lola

    When I’m going for a quick lift in mood, this is it for me

  10. Briana

    This high with a hint of spice takes me beyond the galaxy! Thanks for creating this Galactic Glue rosin, Dabwoods.

  11. Armani

    Gave me all the energy I need for the day, really gives you a pick up, uplifting high. If you’re looking for a sweet sativa to feel focused this comes highly recommend this.

  12. Elyse

    Hey this helped jumpstart my day after those days of long tiring nights

  13. Rolando

    I really wanna dance the galactic boogie whenever I smoke this Galactic Glue rosin from Dabwoods. If I do, I hope no one sees me. Hahahaha.

  14. Lauryn

    One of my top strains from Dabwoods. Tastes like real lemons, with a slight earthy taste at the end. Its great before bed.

  15. Heath

    A real lemon cream finish! This resin takes the sauce game into different dimensions!

  16. Howard

    I’ve bought a couple Dabwoods carts now and I think this may be the best one this hits hard makes your eyes heavy and makes you relax as a person with adhd this is the thing to get the flavors is citrus, tangie and earthy Fs

  17. Mina

    Imma start off by saying I have a pretty high tolerance and Rainbow Sherbet really gives me that satisfying high

  18. Christ

    Better than 95 percent of the concentrates out there

  19. Alex

    Dopest Dope, I had Ever Smoked😅

  20. Palma

    I use lemo creme when I’ve been a hermit and need to go out and socialize with the world.

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