Magic Melons

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Magic Melons

dabwoods carts Dadwood is a popular cartridge brand known for being the first backwoods flavour vape cartridge. Although people confuse this company with Dankwoods, Dabwoods is its own company, primarily selling vape cartridges and merchandise. These cartridges may give smooth hits and a nice high, dabwoods disposable but there isn’t authentic information on the company to be found online dab woods.

First, off Dankwood, there is no legitimacy as to whether Dabwoods is a legit company or not. After some research, we couldn’t find any background or official website. Another thing is that they may claim to be over 85% THC, but they have no lab results to their name. The only thing that we were able to find was an Instagram page saying that they are located in dabwood, California. dabwoods disposable

Because of this, there are probably more fakes than real ones. Also, they don’t have any information as to how to identify real and fake carts. dabwood

Dagwoods Pineapple gives a mellow high

The flavour that we picked up is a hybrid and it gives a nice and relaxing high. The high is lighter than I’d like it to be, and it doesn’t last too long. It may not be as strong in our experience, but it does give very smooth and soothing hits. Dark woods

Good hardware allows smooth and efficient hits.

Something Dabwoods prides itself on is its ceramic cartridge with the wooden tip. It does give excellent comfort to the lips and is very efficient. At first glance, the cartridge did seem to look like a CCELL. But unlike an authentic CCELL, there are no labels underneath the cartridge itself, and it has a plastic ring rather than clear underneath the atomizer. It’s also not a fake CCELL because they are not trying to counterfeit anything; it’s just a clone dabwoods carts.

21 reviews for Magic Melons

  1. Esmeralda

    Crazy relax high has me in space first fat dab hits in seconds the taste is amazing and rips smooth asf has he high asf head and body big high rn Foshoo go cop ASAP ASAP

  2. Cullen

    Not quite sure with how I feel about it. The high was a winner though

  3. Georgianna

    Tomato, tuh-mah-tow. Duh-ley-tow, Dolato. Hahaha. Was confused with the name of these concentrates from Dabwoods. Herbal high from Dolato resins surely rock!

  4. Felipa

    Out of all the indica Rosins I’ve tried from Dabwoods this one is definitely my personal fav. Although all of them have been great the effects from this one have been my fav. Plus the flavor is great!

  5. Enoch

    I keep yawning, I just cant stop it and just want to put myself in a very comfortable bed.

  6. Arne

    Lively jams! These concentrates are just pure satisfaction! No wasted moments with these finesse!

  7. Sebastian

    I love cheesecakes! This is my spirit rosin! The fade took me places

  8. Destini

    Takes away muscle pain, nausea, and is great for insomnia, helps lack of appetite too!

  9. Kameron

    Was intensely clear… and I felt like I was in a 3D movie. Needless to say… this is an awesome strain.

  10. Helga

    Citrus lemon flavors coming from Muha meds Lemon Creme resins make me wanna go to the beach. Citrus high and the beach rocks!

  11. Salma

    Hits hard enough for it’s price. The fade was great all around. Get yourself one!

  12. Kristian

    Hey this helped jumpstart my day after those days of long tiring nights

  13. Russ

    This resin will blow your mind with how close the flavor gets to the real thing! And it’s highly potent, good quality dabs!

  14. Tyshawn

    Good enough for breakfast hahaha TBH this was more of a blind buy for me. I like this though

  15. Christ

    Fantastic for stress, pain and nausea…. Fibromyalgia stands no chance with this. Thanks!

  16. Gordon

    I love puffing this Pink Rosay resin from Muha meds. Sweet rosy smelling relaxing high makes me puff more of this pink.

  17. Haylee

    The experience is as good as eating the perfect cheesecake if you know what I mean hahahaha

  18. Dusty

    Obviously it was a good productive high or I wouldn’t take my time to review this….. Honestly graeat. TOP 5 favorite strains.

  19. Abelardo

    Always a pleasurable moment with this flavor! That citrus fade is just amazing!

  20. Shayne

    The effect is something I like. Gets me creative when I do my digital art when I’m not really feeling it. Helps me do my job so it’s worth the money I spend.

  21. Linnie

    Good supplement for making my day perfect

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