Live Resin Half gram vape – Platinum Gas

(23 customer reviews)


Dabwoods Lil Woods – Live Resin Half gram vape – Platinum Gas


  • Diesel
  • Berry
  • Earthy
Users report feeling relaxed with this high potency product.
80.77% THC
0.14% CBD


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Gas is a rare strain of mysterious genetics, though some think it’s a phenotype of OG Kush. Defunct collective Platinum Clouds is said to have created it.

The top reported aromas of Gas are earth, citrus, and diesel. And it is said to taste like pine, spice, and lemons.

23 reviews for Live Resin Half gram vape – Platinum Gas

  1. Hazle

    Sat down my desk and got to work on things i gad been putting off for a long time

  2. Adelle

    Well this did give me a slight boost which was pleasant to me

  3. Stanton

    Tastes very earthy and all natural, but still gives a smooth and comfortable high. Very tasty otherwise Recommend lighting a candle/incense or using air freshener after hitting it because it leaves a slight scent in the air

  4. Bernita

    I’d say this is a good strain for insomniacs and inflammation.

  5. Belle

    Imagine in a wedding then you are stoned as hell. That’s why its so called wedding pie. Wheeeeewww!

  6. Kaci

    best of the best from the best! love the packaging ☑☑☑☑

  7. Allie

    Strawberry and milk? That sure is something else. Can’t get enough of this berry creamy high from Muha meds Strawberry Milk rosin.

  8. Chadd

    Bright colored dabs, this concentrate is just pure gold, priceless!

  9. Fleta

    These are perfect for a location where smoking bud might be out the question. Strong high & amazing flavor, only complaints are the price + the oil goes fast ! Especially if you have a tolerance.

  10. Rebeka

    Purple Pie is up there with the best when it comes to getting yourself relaxed

  11. Lela

    My kind of concentrated power fade! Ok taste, effects are superior than most at this price

  12. Jerad

    I gotta say I enjoyed this one. I think the high for me was one of the best I ever had.

  13. Telly

    This is my kind of Hybrid strain! Hits hard and hits gooooooooooooood

  14. Eloise

    nice chunks of thca 💎💎💎 and saucey , tasty &🚀

  15. Federico

    Well this will make you happy

  16. Carlotta

    These jams are already part of who we are, no way I’m passing a chance on this dabs! It’s like our culture already!

  17. Abdiel

    WONDERFUL Cereal cream! no anxiety, lovely euphoric body high.

  18. Joshuah

    I get high just by the smell of Dabwoods resin when I open its container. Truffle high with herbal taste.

  19. Shawna

    Muha meds concentrate has always been hit or miss with me. However this strain is fantastic. Taste and high 10/10

  20. Justus

    Not bad can’t complain and for the price it’s worth it

  21. Madisen

    Another favorite right here! This gelato is sweet and flavorful, another nice and good resin diamond sauce! Such amazing fade.

  22. Keshawn

    Another one of my go to if I need some quick chill. Good for upping your mood when you need to

  23. Lauren

    Obviously it was a good productive high or I wouldn’t take my time to review this….. Honestly graeat. TOP 5 favorite strains.

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