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This classic strain emits a very pungent, uncommon fragrance, which reminds of gas with some lemony hints. The taste is rather earthy and sweet, accompanied by a slight citrus presence.


22 reviews for LEMON DIESEL

  1. Jayce

    I feel like I just got beat with high from Muha meds Lemon Creme resin. This citrus flavored high that makes me feel alive sure has creamed me.

  2. Zoila

    The high from Dabwoods Blue Cherry rosins make my head groove. That sure was some Blue Cherry Groove from this rosin’s high!

  3. Bryce

    I’d say this is a good strain for insomniacs and inflammation.

  4. Ramon

    I love me some sweet mints! So herbal and cool swirling feeling and amazing high! Everything is so good and right with this!

  5. Cale

    this a top shelve product no licks of wax none of that . plus once you hit 4 times that you start to space out

  6. Ismael

    The experience is as good as eating the perfect cheesecake if you know what I mean hahahaha

  7. Elfrieda

    This is going into my top 5 Rosin. The high was so good. You can bet i’m going back for more when I run out of this

  8. Lurline

    Thanks to Dolato live… layers of compulsivity are slowly fading into what seems a night of ps4 and vibes.

  9. Justyn

    I love the way how lemon creme give me so much energy at work! Keeps me happy and relaxed too!

  10. Hassan

    Strawberry Milk! My kind of milk, gives that additional good vibes!

  11. Marisa

    An ender for a very tiring day and good mind conditioning for tomorrow’s activity you’ll engage in.

  12. Adrianna

    this really is so relaxing, mellowed my anxiety, made me laugh at everything

  13. Deja

    Smell, taste and smoke is good. Probably the best concentrate I’ve smoked so far. Definitely going to try other strains from Dabwoods. They don’t play.

  14. Rashad

    Better than 95 percent of the concentrates out there

  15. Zola

    The high was pretty goooooooooood

  16. Nellie

    Got my wife pregnant after we shared a rather huge amounts of Bubblegum gelato…i was trying to pull out

  17. Meghan

    5 stars

  18. Jerel

    If aliens came to invade, give em this. The good feels that come with this will save our planet hahaha

  19. London

    Perfect lil thing! Gives me a perfect fade

  20. Vivien

    Helps me get my creative juices flowing

  21. Julianne

    Second banana flavored Dabwoods I tried. Taste great High is just as good as the rest I tried out.

  22. Lon

    Good dabs perfect for outdoor activities! It’s so much fun with these sauces!

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