Green Velvet – 1g

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Dabwoods Disposable Live Resin Full gram – Green Velvet – 1g

Rated as high potency.
72.23% THC


DABWOODS has grown from the passion and efforts of Crown Genetics who is widely known in the industry for having premium OG flowers as well as 14 award-winning flower & concentrates in Southern California. With a team of equally passionate professionals, DABWOODS is an experienced organization with roots in the cannabis industry, quality control management, hardware manufacturing, customer experience, and development strategies to ensure our products are always on the leading edge of innovation. With licensed facilities in Southern California, and Northern California, DABWOODS has established state wide quality control and supply chain management standards to ensure consistency and quality. With immediate plans for future expansion to other product line, a new era of cannabis culture is being born.

22 reviews for Green Velvet – 1g

  1. Trycia

    This one is special alright. Made me feel special in all kinds of good ways

  2. Davion

    Super heavy grape candy Terps, smoked good. Not a heavy high.

  3. Maxie

    That truffle fragrance was just surreal! I didn’t know this flavor was so good! Glad the tenders recommended this to me!

  4. Alvena

    Galactic gas is intensely satisfying. Cop this if available

  5. Rebeca

    More than exceeded my expectations!

  6. Evans

    I wanna get married to this fruity flavored concentrates from Dabwoods. I was hooked on these Wedding Pie resins once I tasted that fruity high.

  7. Karson

    The concentrate version of this strain is beyond amazing.

  8. Janiya

    Some fire 🔥taste like candy . Best pens out there is Dabwoods. Took 3 hits and it got me loaded kicked in like a few mins later loaded .

  9. Janice

    Lemon creme doesnt give any drowsiness or lethargy and I still feel like myself, only happier!

  10. Nichole

    I only gave it 4 stars because of the price, would have been 5 if it was priced comparable to its competitors. it was hard spending 60 bucks for a half gram but wanted to give it a try myself. definitely smooth, taste is unreal and potent.

  11. Tod

    Dabwoods never fails to disappoint and I was certainly surprised by the quality of the wax. The design of the vape was really nice, the silicon skin really helped it stay in my pocket, metallic vapes always fall out for me, and the battery life lasted past the wax. My only gripe is the price. I know their weed is among the best but $52 for half a gram is obnoxious. It really should be at least like five dollars less. Despite the price, I really enjoyed this, and I hope in the future they can make a 1 g.

  12. Vladimir

    Really enjoyed this gelato 41 disposable. The high was nice and heavy would definitely buy again. Great job guys

  13. Shayne

    Really enjoyed this gelato 41 disposable. The high was nice and heavy would definitely buy again. Great job guys

  14. Elisha

    It was my first time trying Dabwoods live diamonds. I have to admit it’s way more fire than raw garden’s live resin hands down. Sweet inhale and exhale. Smells like ⛽ and taste like 🍦 Great product & highly recommended 👍🏻

  15. Haylie

    Helps with my anxiety & depression. I love Dolato so much.

  16. Albin

    The live resin is fire 🔥 and you taste the full profile of the strain. It tastes just like an eighth of indoor. The battery lasts about 2-3 days if you use it everyday often. Make sure you kill it as to not waste any of the goodness. 😎

  17. Deonte

    Having wine and cheese? I suggest you include this with the team! Great combo!

  18. Oceane

    An awesome cerebral feeling! And its also great if you’re having troubles with your sleep! Cant get enough!

  19. Sidney

    Fire fire fire fire fire fire

  20. Rodrick

    It made me the opposite of blue, my mood anyways! poof!

  21. Stefanie

    Price is a steal for how good and potent this is. I am definitely getting some more when I run out

  22. Bernardo

    Banana OG hits smooth! I gotta say this was a good purchase for me!

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