Dabwoods x Runtz #32

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White Runtz is a live resin hybrid strain crossing Gelato and Zkittlez. The flavor profile features a sweet candy-like taste with hints of strawberries and lavender. With a pleasant and berry-filled aroma, this strain produces long-lasting calming and uplifting effects.

20 reviews for Dabwoods x Runtz #32

  1. Maria

    Smell, taste and smoke is good. Probably the best concentrate I’ve smoked so far. Definitely going to try other strains from Dabwoods. They don’t play.

  2. Lorenza

    Need a pick me up get you feeling fun and happy real good! Get this sauce! And if you love a citrusy fruity flavor taste, you cannot go wrong! Just enjoying this all day!

  3. Ambrose

    Gotta love that passion! You can almost taste the love they put in these dabs! Good job Dabwoods!

  4. Gideon

    Helps me get my creative juices flowing

  5. Jody

    Always loved frozen grapes as a flower then came across

  6. Rachelle

    Berry cheesy flavored high that can only come from Muha meds Papaya Punch resin diamonds. Pa Pa Ya!

  7. Manley

    Never a bad timing to run this dabs on my rig! I’ll have this sauce any day, any time!

  8. Constantin

    A good way to lift up my mood. There are days when I need this when things are extra stressful.

  9. Krystina

    Viewing experience on my big screen seems better after smoking Muha meds Pink Rosay resins.

  10. Valentine

    I really like this minty grape flavor from smoking these concentrates. Frozen Grapes resin from Muha meds? I like.

  11. Aracely

    Dabwoods is hellla dankkkk. The rip smackssss you to a couch lock Stoney highhhh haha. Def one of my tops strains of pens. 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  12. Kendra

    Very tasty!!!! Very sweet too!!! Leaves you feeling super super relaxed and melts you into the couch.

  13. Janiya

    Great taste tbh close to rosin really enjoyed it and the high was pleasant

  14. Ernesto

    You can never go wrong with truffle! And its on this wax! That being said, White truffle can never go wrong!

  15. Roy

    Thank you so much for this awesome strain Dabwoods! Will come back for me!

  16. Haylee

    Yo this is great stuff. Totally fire fade experience!

  17. Jamey

    Another strong resin! I love how this one worked out for me. I gave this a try and it was near perfect!

  18. Kennedy

    Best of the Rosins out there! The high that you get from here is perfect for destroying any and all stress you got from the day

  19. Bernice

    Amazing! Simply Amazing! The high got me so relaxed I forgot all my problems

  20. Mireya

    Perfect strain for me, thumbs up.

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