Dabwoods x Runtz #23

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Runtz is a live rosin hybrid strain crossing Zkittlez and Gelato. This solventless strain is the perfect natural alternative if you’re looking for something that is energizing and euphoric. It has a fruity and delicious flavor profile that features a sweet aroma.

  • Sweet
  • Berry
  • Tropical
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23 reviews for Dabwoods x Runtz #23

  1. Margarett

    The concentrate version of this strain is beyond amazing.

  2. Stevie

    Helps me get my creative juices flowing

  3. Berniece

    The price is pretty fair enough and you get enough effects from this price range.

  4. Garfield

    Good sauce for getting those great feels. Good vibes all the way was what I experienced

  5. Susanna

    Bright colored dabs, this concentrate is just pure gold, priceless!

  6. Murphy

    I really like this minty grape flavor from smoking these concentrates. Frozen Grapes resin from Muha meds? I like.

  7. Diego

    Citrus lemon flavors coming from Dabwoods Lemon Creme resins make me wanna go to the beach. Citrus high and the beach rocks!

  8. Lenora

    Lasts longer for me than most other strains I’ve tried

  9. Kylee

    My driving inspiration and perfect catch for keeping myself away from all negativity.

  10. Florence

    The jam has me feeling a lil anxious and the euphoric was awesome! felt a lil bit sleepy. I just sparked the wood yall😂.

  11. Lisandro

    Always have these before dinner, then knocks me out after dinner! Perfect for insomniacs like me!

  12. Zaria

    I love me some sweet mints! So herbal and cool swirling feeling and amazing high! Everything is so good and right with this!

  13. Susanna

    Blue cherry pie made of pure happiness! You can bet your ass I’m getting more of this

  14. Dino

    These sure are gas concentrates from Muha meds! Herbal sweet highs coming from these Galactic Gas rosins.

  15. Faye

    Hey this helped jumpstart my day after those days of long tiring nights

  16. Paul

    This is going into my top 5 Rosin. The high was so good. You can bet i’m going back for more when I run out of this

  17. Syble

    You couldn’t get more summer feels that smoking Muha meds Tropical Banana rosin. Feels like summer.

  18. Abel

    Frozen grape makes me feel heavy and calm. I feel like walking would be hard now.

  19. Gage

    Very relaxing and uplifting, very smooth fade. I felt so incredibly relaxed and content with life and just chilled on my sofa to sleep. Good stuff!

  20. Gayle

    I’m attached to this now! The clean high was what convinced me

  21. Albertha

    Super heavy grape candy Terps, smoked good. Not a heavy high.

  22. Taylor

    These sauces never goes out of tune, these dabs are made for all occasions! Sunday float!

  23. Morris

    great gelato gushers mix. Really gets you all the way high up to galactic proportions!!

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