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21 reviews for Dabwoods Vanilla

  1. Weston

    I wanna share this experience on a moody afternoon and take a siesta time and enjoy til sunset.

  2. Willie

    Blue cherry pie made of pure happiness! You can bet your ass I’m getting more of this

  3. Lavada

    Indica in a sauce y’all! What a good fluid strain! Sweetest thing ever!

  4. Reagan

    Dabwoods doesn’t disappoint love this gelato 41 had me smacked 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Marley

    Blue Cherry Pie rosin’s high is like pie hitting my face. Sweet nutty high that’s all over my face. Dabwoods musta been thinking about clowns when they made this rosin. Hahahaha.

  6. Ambrose

    I put this resin in the bowl of my rig and whoa, what a punch. That’s Papaya Punch resin from Dabwoods!

  7. Lorine

    Another one of my go to if I need some quick chill. Good for upping your mood when you need to

  8. Elvera

    I’m definitely high AF with Dabwoods White Truffle resins. These concentrates got pine mint flavors that makes me want more.

  9. Dulce

    Good jam! This resin has that gelato feeling! Reminds me of the streets of Italia! Magnifico!

  10. Merl

    This was berry berry berry good for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 definitely worth it

  11. Dayton

    Gets you going on a boring morning. Pretty good idea to come up with this kind of flavor. You guys are real genius!

  12. Kayley

    Hits very smooth and is stronger than I thought it’d be💯

  13. Eloy

    Fire fire fire fire fire fire

  14. Isobel

    Good sauce for getting those great feels. Good vibes all the way was what I experienced

  15. Herman

    Amazing! Simply Amazing! The high got me so relaxed I forgot all my problems

  16. Lonnie

    Wedding Pieis a real knockout for me. One deep hit and I’m completely done for. TT

  17. Cyril

    Probably not gonna be doing after that hard spliffing! This dabs got me so good that I’ll probably sleep the whole afternoon! Relaxed and rested!

  18. Donald

    My face is so pink from the high I get from Dabwoods For resins.. this takes my top spot

  19. Ethan

    Papaya Punch live resins really got this tropical flavored high that I really like. Dabwoods really punched my lights out with this resin’s high.

  20. Tressie

    My daytime jam, this sauce makes your day lively! Always fills the room with that bubblegum aroma!

  21. Josephine

    I grabbed 4 3 from connected and this one tops the 3 good strain flavor profile great company strong thick hits

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