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23 reviews for Dabwoods Strawberry

  1. Miles

    Another winner from the Dabwoods fam ❤🍓🤘🏼💨

  2. Ruthie

    These jams are already part of who we are, no way I’m passing a chance on this dabs! It’s like our culture already!

  3. Delta

    After the first taste, happiness rushes in sooo fast. So tasty. I can’t believe what I am experiencing.

  4. Chaim

    Need a pick me up get you feeling fun and happy real good! Get this sauce! And if you love a citrusy fruity flavor taste, you cannot go wrong! Just enjoying this all day!

  5. Halie

    Deals out there made this really attractive! I tried it out and loved it

  6. Nelle

    Nice mellow aura! You can just sit back and relax, throw on some tunes, sit back, and enjoy!!!

  7. Matilde

    Strawberry and milk? That sure is something else. Can’t get enough of this berry creamy high from Dabwoods Strawberry Milk rosin.

  8. Laney

    THis is a wonnnddddeeerrrfffulllllll product!

  9. Jayme

    Normally, I’m not a big fan on disposable vapes but this one HITS really nice stoney heady high with body high notes as well! Gelato is always a great functional indica and the design of the battery is a vibe . Haven’t had clogging issues or anything yet , smooth airflow and taste is pleasant! Would like to see full grams !

  10. Easton

    One of the better ones I’ve tried. Worth coming back to

  11. Aaron

    Banana OG rosin’s taste and high are definitely OG. Love these concentrates from Muha meds!

  12. Boris

    This right here is premium sauce for me. Made my day seem like a dozen times better. You won’t regret getting this.

  13. Leonard

    Can’t really go wrong with this price point. This is can last you a quite a bit so it’s all good

  14. Jeffrey

    perfect deal… perfect brand…. perfect wax for me 👌👌

  15. Tiffany

    Practically you can have this anywhere and any situation you could possible be in. Just keep it moderately.

  16. Malcolm

    I haven’t tried the disposables in this brand. My shop has the Dabwoods batteries for only a penny when you buy their carts. So of course I have 5 extra pens now lol. And their carts are only $46 so it’s a great price for both!!! I have tried 5 diff Dabwoods carts and I love them!!!! They are a bit lower in thc than most carts, but the flavor is something you can come to rely on. It is delicious, no matter which 1 you choose. And their batteries are so cool. I rarely give 5 star reviews, but this company has earned it from me. Thx Dabwoods!!!

  17. Chloe

    Top 5 best live resin carts I tried. Very potent! Taste like straight flower live resin and has a lot of vapor. Taste is very exotic in my opinion! Indica high🔥 10/10

  18. Madalyn

    I love the way how lemon creme give me so much energy at work! Keeps me happy and relaxed too!

  19. Vito

    Purple Pie is up there with the best when it comes to getting yourself relaxed

  20. Lurline

    THis is a wonnnddddeeerrrfffulllllll product!

  21. Sydnee

    I’ve never had a favorite strain before! Lemon creme is def a go to for me!

  22. Litzy

    Them flavors are just good! And the list just never ends! So much good stuff to try!

  23. Darlene

    Strawberry Milk! My kind of milk, gives that additional good vibes!

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