Dabwoods Russian Cream

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23 reviews for Dabwoods Russian Cream

  1. Kenna

    One of my newly tried sauce. Never gets boring, I like how they bring it out with consistent potency. Will be trying a different flavor next!

  2. Abigale

    THis is a wonnnddddeeerrrfffulllllll product!

  3. Viva

    A creamy finish, it’s like having a little pie with a hint of vanilla. A good sauce for that evening jam!

  4. Ora

    Banana Cream is an all time favorite! Cant get enough of this concentrate!

  5. Brad

    Not bad can’t complain and for the price it’s worth it

  6. Lucy

    Dabwoods got dank like Grape Gelato resins that’re sweet and creamy. Been buying a lot of that kinda dank lately.

  7. Dayna

    Good supplement for making my day perfect

  8. Leland

    Exquisitely beautiful resin, this is such a nice piece! Always a fun hit with that truffle subtleness.

  9. Buck

    I blasted my blue days with this lil thing. Anything that makes my day better is worth a 5

  10. Mikayla

    I’ve been using this for over 3 months now, and all i could say is that its very consistent with its potency!

  11. Brian

    Good sauce! Not only does it look good, it hits pretty damn well too! Had a good time with this one.

  12. Boris

    You couldn’t get more summer feels that smoking Muha meds Tropical Banana rosin. Feels like summer.

  13. Alanna

    I smoke this rosin jam while I’m jamming to some of my favorite tunes. Banana Cream rosin jam from Dabwoods and jamming to tunes? Nothing like it.

  14. Karlee

    Top 5 best live resin carts I tried. Very potent! Taste like straight flower live resin and has a lot of vapor. Taste is very exotic in my opinion! Indica high🔥 10/10

  15. Elmira

    Good stuff! Lately I transitioned to sauce and this one definitely hit the spot for me

  16. Christopher

    Good Value for it’s price, get a pretty good high with just a small amount. A win for sure

  17. Oswald

    Another stress buster in my arsenal. Work hard and drain off the stress with this right here

  18. Alan

    Gives a childlike euphoria and I find myself talking out loud and laughing before heading to bed!

  19. Marisol

    Actually not just good but great value. I’m basing it on the fade experience and price.

  20. Jordan

    Refreshingly sweet citrus and blissful giving sauce. Nothing but good vibes all day!

  21. Merl

    I have anxiety but that was because I smoked too much. I highly recommend this for pain or just lying around watching movies.

  22. Elsie

    This is delicious and the high is delicious too! Good stuff and well worth the price

  23. Bettie

    Opened the jar and man it smells amazing, sharp, pungent, fruity, and a bit sugary. Taste is nice aswell creamy & fruity. The high is also fire too, very nice strain to enjoy early in the day when you’re getting stuff done. If you’re going with a sativa highly recommend this or berry pie. I hit this on my peak pro w/ a 3D at 485 btw

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