Dabwoods Pineapple

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Dabwoods Pineapple

Dabwoods Pineapple strain blasts the brain with euphoric and uplifting feelings that relax and mellow out the mind of which it’s popularly known for that, Dabwoods Pineapple is a fruity, sativa-dominant cross between two very well-known strains

  • Pineapple Express
  • Notorious OG Kush

Dabwoods Pineapple effects can be weighty, tingling sensation which begins to roll down the neck and radiate out to the core and limbs, the dabwoods Pineapple THC Level has been measured at between 17% and 26%.


22 reviews for Dabwoods Pineapple

  1. Keaton

    If you aint smoked no moonbow you’ve been puffin Al boo boo. Y’all been sleeping for years and I greatly appreciate it. Stoners I’m not tellin’ y’all to smoke moonbow 112 ya see cause if you just say no it be mo fa me!

  2. Edyth

    This mix goes well with your favorite wine. You just can’t put this bad boy down at all, pretty solid concentrate.

  3. Garrett

    An ender for a very tiring day and good mind conditioning for tomorrow’s activity you’ll engage in.

  4. Watson

    It was my first time trying Dabwoods live diamonds. I have to admit it’s way more fire than raw garden’s live resin hands down. Sweet inhale and exhale. Smells like ⛽ and taste like 🍦 Great product & highly recommended 👍🏻

  5. Maurice

    This time it’s Galactic Gas. Off the bat the jam is inviting and appealing.

  6. Magdalen

    I feel like I’m seeing diamonds in the sky everytime I smokes Frozen Grapes resin. Deep grape flavors with such a high.

  7. Reed

    This gelato resin is pretty solid. A neat mix of creamy and berry like sauce! Real nice!

  8. Vida

    This lemon resin is pretty sick in a good way! Satisfied a lot with the fade it brought.

  9. Catherine

    I have bad anxiety and Dolato live really helps.

  10. Annamarie

    Imma start off by saying I have a pretty high tolerance and Rainbow Sherbet really gives me that satisfying high

  11. Viviane

    Papaya Punch resins pound for pound high makes me feel like a champ!

  12. Jeffrey

    Good deal on the value for this. Good high off this one is what I got from this

  13. Emerson

    Refreshingly sweet citrus and blissful giving sauce. Nothing but good vibes all day!

  14. Aiyana

    Just smoked this jam for first time.. and damn if f*ckin potent! Love this sh*t!

  15. Marianne

    My face is so pink from the high I get from Dabwoods For resins.. this takes my top spot

  16. Fern

    I need to chill from hustle and bustle of working in the city. Prep my rig for Dabwoods White Truffle resins and smoke ’em all. Trufflin’ from bustlin’.

  17. Gudrun

    A fan of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies??? Then go for bubblegum gelato since its a hybrid of the two!

  18. Bernard

    My anxiety gets pretty bad at night and im kind of an insomiac and this works on both fronts. 100%

  19. Landen

    Its freezin chillin all the way, I love how it makes me go down and just relax.

  20. Precious

    Good fade, good vibes good price! definitely a 5 for me

  21. Hudson

    I tried the concentrate form today and man sh!t knocked me on my @ss head and high heavy buzzed.

  22. Abigayle

    Its freezin chillin all the way, I love how it makes me go down and just relax.

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