Dabwoods Honey Berry

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23 reviews for Dabwoods Honey Berry

  1. Melvin

    best of the best from the best! love the packaging ☑☑☑☑

  2. Palma

    This is my jam! A real good and potent hybrid. Got me giggling and happy real good, best to just take this all day and you’ll be all smiles.

  3. Ivah

    Tonight, was energetic bliss. This wax can take you anywhere.

  4. Destin

    Home now, but whenever I hit on this, brings me back to Hawaii! Perfect for the tropics!

  5. Jaqueline

    I’d say this is a good strain for insomniacs and inflammation.

  6. Adrien

    Like the song goes, “Easy like Sunday morning”. That’s what the herbal fruity high from Dabwoods Truffle Sundae rosin makes me feel.

  7. Rollin

    Another Pie I love thats uber relaxing and totally destroys stress

  8. Nettie

    I need to chill from hustle and bustle of working in the city. Prep my rig for Dabwoods White Truffle resins and smoke ’em all. Trufflin’ from bustlin’.

  9. Noelia

    I would invite friends to come over for this specially made creation. They just would love to hang out and chill.

  10. Macy

    This is gold! Like the hits runs smooth and highs this brought was on point

  11. Eliza

    The high was pretty goooooooooood

  12. Cyril

    Was definitely here for the jam, didn’t realize these dabs were more than just hype! Now I’m into these things already!

  13. Mathilde

    Wedding Pieis a real knockout for me. One deep hit and I’m completely done for. TT

  14. Leora

    Gets you going on a boring morning. Pretty good idea to come up with this kind of flavor. You guys are real genius!

  15. Salvatore

    Very calming, makes me feel sleepy in the middle of the day. Galactic Glue has a great taste!

  16. Maximillia

    Really enjoy the taste on Dolato, all the way to the end the sauce is so frosty and one the best concentrates on the market right now!

  17. Orlando

    terpy and the hits smooth $ stoney , well done.

  18. Trent

    Yo this is great stuff. Totally fire fade experience!

  19. Autumn

    Banana Cream is an all time favorite! Cant get enough of this concentrate!

  20. Linda

    Wow! I can’t believe how good this pen is. I’m not alone when I say this specific flavor Sherbacio is the best one out of the Dabwoods. I like them all but this one is my new favorite. All I need is 2/3 hits and I’m good for an hour or so. I recommend this pen to anyone who enjoys and chill and relaxed high 9/10 for me

  21. Ashley

    This is delicious and the high is delicious too! Good stuff and well worth the price

  22. Garth

    Great product, love the packaging!!!!!

  23. Royal

    This mix goes well with your favorite wine. You just can’t put this bad boy down at all, pretty solid concentrate.

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