Blue Banana – 1g

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Dabwoods Disposable Live Resin Full gram – Blue Banana – 1g



DABWOODS has grown from the passion and efforts of Crown Genetics who is widely known in the industry for having premium OG flowers as well as 14 award-winning flower & concentrates in Southern California. With a team of equally passionate professionals, DABWOODS is an experienced organization with roots in the cannabis industry, quality control management, hardware manufacturing, customer experience, and development strategies to ensure our products are always on the leading edge of innovation. With licensed facilities in Southern California, and Northern California, DABWOODS has established state wide quality control and supply chain management standards to ensure consistency and quality. With immediate plans for future expansion to other product line, a new era of cannabis culture is being born.

23 reviews for Blue Banana – 1g

  1. Jessica

    I wanna share this experience on a moody afternoon and take a siesta time and enjoy til sunset.

  2. Winnifred

    Another quality dabs from Muha meds dispensary. I haven’t had an awesome party experience like what I had with this one!

  3. Juvenal

    Amazing aroma! Overall good concentrate. This got me high all afternoon! What a fun jam!

  4. Laurence

    Just smoked this jam for first time.. and damn if f*ckin potent! Love this sh*t!

  5. Leonie

    Good OG!!!!!! Simply love the strain

  6. Hoyt

    Super heavy grape candy Terps, smoked good. Not a heavy high.

  7. Ila

    I only gave it 4 stars because of the price, would have been 5 if it was priced comparable to its competitors. it was hard spending 60 bucks for a half gram but wanted to give it a try myself. definitely smooth, taste is unreal and potent.

  8. Angela

    One of my favorite strains from Dabwoods, highly recommend this. You wont regret it!!

  9. Gay

    I am overwhelmed with this banana has to offer. I have a new favorite

  10. Kim

    Ending a night with this is my greatest feeling at the moment. 😴😴😴

  11. Jazmin

    I daresay Dabwoods Pink Rosay resin makes my day. Makes me feel better, I gotta say.

  12. Nelda

    Hazy purple gets my mind and body numb but its manageable, but hell yeah this is kinda strong.

  13. Janae

    Your first inhale is not that much of a effect then trying holding before exhaling, you’ll feel the explosion in your body.

  14. Elijah

    This concentrate is liiiiiiiiit. Like i had a transformative high off this. No joke

  15. Trisha

    If you aint smoked no moonbow you’ve been puffin Al boo boo. Y’all been sleeping for years and I greatly appreciate it. Stoners I’m not tellin’ y’all to smoke moonbow 112 ya see cause if you just say no it be mo fa me!

  16. Norbert

    Awesome nice high octane sauce! Love the sweet vanilla banana mix flavor!

  17. Isabel

    Rainbow Glue rosin’s got a high that sticks to me like glue. That’s why I’m “glued” to Dabwoods ’cause of their amazing cannabis products.

  18. Percy

    Amazing! Simply Amazing! The high got me so relaxed I forgot all my problems

  19. Stephan

    Very relaxing and uplifting, very smooth fade. I felt so incredibly relaxed and content with life and just chilled on my sofa to sleep. Good stuff!

  20. Omari

    I’m riding on air and I forget about my troubles yet am not that stoned out before bed.

  21. Ibrahim

    For me, its fairly-intense, warm and tingling sensations throughout the body. Great for relaxing

  22. Tina

    Smoking this Papaya Punch resin makes me feel like I’m in the tropics. Thanks for taking me to the tropics, Dabwoodss.

  23. Lynn

    I just wanna be happy and stay alive for the rest of the day, this stuff granted all of this.

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