Banana Dabwoods

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Buy Banana Dabwoods kush is a hybrid made by crossing Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. This strain tastes and smells like a bushel of fresh BananasBanana Dabwoods tends to provide a mellow buzz alongside a relaxed sense of euphoria., hybrid strains

Banana Dabwoods 

Banana dabwoods effects can be weighty, tingling sensation which begins to roll down the neck and radiate out to the core and limbs, the Banana dabwoods THC Level has been measured at between 17% and 26%.

21 reviews for Banana Dabwoods

  1. Arnold

    Truffle is great, gives me good and energized. Works for starting my day right or ending my day right, either way

  2. Dangelo

    Dabwoods got me floating on a sundae morning with their Sundae Float resins. Love its citrus high.

  3. Rocky

    My favorite berry pie flavor so far. I wanna keep this always in my bag and just get some of it when needed.

  4. Faustino

    Barely left the couch except to get food or use the bathroom just sat on my ass gaming all day!!! LOVED IT!!

  5. Darian

    Smell, taste and smoke is good. Probably the best concentrate I’ve smoked so far. Definitely going to try other strains from Dabwoods. They don’t play.

  6. Polly

    Always an epic moments with this sauces! My jams would not be so lively and funky without these gems!

  7. Lysanne

    Perfect strain for me, thumbs up.

  8. Bailey

    You need to relax? Well.. you need this then. This does a great job when you want to get relaxed.

  9. Bruce

    just picked up an eighth of top notch indoor Dabwoods flower and its top notch and tasty…picked up live resin area 41 and zookies but havent tried. I did try the Dabwoods live resin purple disposable pen and it’s nothing but flavor pricey at $65 for half a gram but you get what you pay for…. tasty hits and great mellow relaxing high..I finished my half gram pen in one day …. cant wait to try the other flavors… Alien labs all day SPECIAL!!!!$$$$$%

  10. Garland

    Really enjoyed this gelato 41 disposable. The high was nice and heavy would definitely buy again. Great job guys

  11. Shakira

    I grabbed 4 3 from connected and this one tops the 3 good strain flavor profile great company strong thick hits

  12. Tracey

    These are perfect for a location where smoking bud might be out the question. Strong high & amazing flavor, only complaints are the price + the oil goes fast ! Especially if you have a tolerance.

  13. Queenie

    Nice and smooth, perfect for relaxing

  14. Kellie

    I’ve never had a favorite strain before! Lemon creme is def a go to for me!

  15. Santina

    I would invite friends to come over for this specially made creation. They just would love to hang out and chill.

  16. Reinhold

    I’m on the rainbow express to high thanks to this Rainbow Sherbert resin from Dabwoods. It’s got me berry high, alright.

  17. Santos

    I wanna get married to this fruity flavored concentrates from Dabwoods. I was hooked on these Wedding Pie resins once I tasted that fruity high.

  18. Dahlia

    worth the buy, the pricing is actually reasonable! ONLY FROM Dabwoods!

  19. Lawson

    A crazy mix! This resin got the ladies tripping for some tight party! You can never go wrong with this flavor!

  20. Ludwig

    Acai is very laid back, everything is great, enjoying the relief from nerve pain.

  21. Althea

    Good deal on the value for this. Good high off this one is what I got from this

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