Apple Dabwoods

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Buy Apple Dabwoods is the indica-dominant hybrid cross of two strains.

  • Sour Diesel
  • Pure Kush

This strain leads with powerful cerebral effects that align well with people suffering from depression or anxiety, and follows with body effects that are ideal for curbing inflammation.

Apple Dabwoods

Apple Dabwoods famous for its apple-peel aroma with THC Percent of 35%

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23 reviews for Apple Dabwoods

  1. Demarcus

    Enhance your creativity and keep the fire burning with new ideas. 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Samara

    I smoke this rosin jam while I’m jamming to some of my favorite tunes. Banana Cream rosin jam from Dabwoods and jamming to tunes? Nothing like it.

  3. Leslie

    Another favorite right here! This gelato is sweet and flavorful, another nice and good resin diamond sauce! Such amazing fade.

  4. Santina

    A crazy mix! This resin got the ladies tripping for some tight party! You can never go wrong with this flavor!

  5. Shaun

    A crazy mix! This resin got the ladies tripping for some tight party! You can never go wrong with this flavor!

  6. Fabian

    These sure are gas concentrates from Muha meds! Herbal sweet highs coming from these Galactic Gas rosins.

  7. Axel

    Tried these live resins coz them gems were lookin like fire! Did not disappoint, now I’m a changed sativa enthusiast!

  8. Hayden

    Gelato flavors are just really good. Always deliver that nice saucy berry flavor! This indica is one of the best so far I’ve sampled. Definitely a solid recommend!

  9. Ole

    Imma start off by saying I have a pretty high tolerance and Rainbow Sherbet really gives me that satisfying high

  10. Claudie

    Tastes great! smelled good! looks good! nice packaging! Everythings great!

  11. Marlin

    Strawberry and milk? That sure is something else. Can’t get enough of this berry creamy high from Dabwoods Strawberry Milk rosin.

  12. Jairo

    If I keep putting Muha meds Orange Sherbert rosin in my rig, I’m gonna be sleeping a lot. This concentrate always gives me a citrus pine tasting sleepy high.

  13. Jamey

    Dolato puts me in a great mood! So this is has my vote, anything that puts me in a great mood has my vote!

  14. Rozella

    I feel like I’m seeing diamonds in the sky everytime I smoke Dabwoods Frozen Grapes resin. Deep grape flavors with such a high.

  15. Desmond

    Gave me all the energy I need for the day, really gives you a pick up, uplifting high. If you’re looking for a sweet sativa to feel focused this comes highly recommend this.

  16. Bryana

    Some fire 🔥taste like candy . Best pens out there is Dabwoods. Took 3 hits and it got me loaded kicked in like a few mins later loaded .

  17. Dylan

    Very calming, makes me feel sleepy in the middle of the day. Galactic Glue has a great taste!

  18. Bridget

    Smells great and even better sweet tasty flavor that just delivers the a great fade and high IMHO. One of the concentrates always in my pocket. Always grab me one of this whenever I reup!

  19. Alek

    Lemon creme doesnt give any drowsiness or lethargy and I still feel like myself, only happier!

  20. Megane

    Takes away muscle pain, nausea, and is great for insomnia, helps lack of appetite too!

  21. Jettie

    I’m getting this feeling like a car that runs out of fuel you’ll literally go slow and get a good cozy bed.

  22. Asha

    A steal! It’s potent potent potent poteeeeent

  23. Alycia

    My daytime jam, this sauce makes your day lively! Always fills the room with that bubblegum aroma!

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